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"It is very clear that First Response values their customers. They handled everything professionally and responded promptly to my calls and emails.

They have been great to work with and really went above and beyond for me.

They took every concern seriously and provided me with quick solutions, taking the worry out of the process.

This was my first experience upgrading a new site and First Response and the team made the experience smooth and painless. The work, price and service were all good and I would highly recommend them to others."

Karen Hart
OSHC Area Coordinator

My name is Matt Lasky and I am a director of Lascorp Development group. We have been in the property industry for over 40 years and we specialize in neighbourhood shopping centres mainly on the eastern seaboard.

We recently purchased a very tired old Coles based centre in Gympie QLD.

The centre needed a received a complete refurbishment. During the re-mixing of the centres tenants,  we engaged First Response to carry out time critical tenancy works leading up to the relaunch date.  

I can without reservation say that Tim and his team were brilliant, they were thrown into the deep end and as issues arose or new tenants were signed up just prior to the relaunch, they improvise and solved problems to get us to the finish line.

They work old school and just get the job done at a fair market rates.

Tim I thank you again for all your hard work and I look forward to the next project.

Matt Lasky
Matt Lasky

Afternoon Allyce & Karen,

The side fence was finished by First Response today. It looks wonderful. I have attached some pictures for you both to have a look at.

First Response went over and above, they installed another side gate, so that no one can access the yard from the road, it has a latch but will never be locked as there is metre boxes there.

They also installed 2 timber posts to hold the back fence up because they were very surprised it wasn’t classified as a safety hazard. He did say that it would only be a short term fit for the back fence.

They cleaned up all the rubbish around the site before and after they completed the job.

Thank you both for all your help over the last few months to get the fence up.

Casey Nixon
Casey Nixon

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