Exploring the importance of regular paint maintenance for commercial buildings

The exterior of a building takes a surprising amount of daily abuse. Wind, rain, and sun are major culprits. Even if your building is in an area with mild weather, UV rays, debris, moisture, and time all take their toll. If left unaddressed, deterioration will result in a dated and unpleasant appearance, and damage to the building can occur. This is why a high-quality, well-maintained paint job is vital to the protection and appearance of a building. Commercial building paint maintenance doesn't just make a building look good. It provides a layer of protection for the exterior. This can help prolong the building's lifespan and save on repair costs.

The benefits of commercial building paint maintenance for your building’s exterior

How much difference does a well-maintained coat of paint make on a building? The benefits are numerous and may surprise you. The most obvious benefit is curb appeal. A maintained quality paint job improves a building's curb appeal, keeping it looking fresh and giving a good impression. The exterior appearance of a building affects its actual and perceived value. This is important to prospective buyers, renters, and customers. When you are renting out an office or workspace or you’re hoping to sell your building, perceived value makes a difference in what clients or renters are willing to pay.

Ongoing commercial building paint maintenance protects against environmental damage, thereby preventing structural damage. UV rays, moisture, and organic matter such as mould and mildew all play a part in the structural degradation of a building. Maintaining the paint prevents this damage, keeping the facility in good shape and staving off expensive repairs.

Factors affecting paint maintenance

How often will your building's exterior paint need maintenance? Several factors determine this. Some of the biggest factors include the location of the building:

  • What is the climate like in your area? 
  • How much sun does it get? 
  • What about wind and rain? 
  • Is the environment damp or arid? 

Also, consider the building itself. What materials is it made of, and how old is it? An older building will need more care and maintenance to keep it in good condition. The type of paint used will also factor in. Quality paint will last longer. 

Signs your building needs a new paint job

Even with regular commercial building paint maintenance and cleaning, a building will need to be repainted periodically. How often depends on the above factors. Severe weather, the quality of the paint, and the age of the building are three of the biggest factors. 

Some signs that it's time for a new paint job include:

  • Fading, peeling, cracking, and chipping throughout the exterior
  • Visible gaps and cracks in areas where paint has peeled or deteriorated
  • A dirty appearance that won't improve with cleaning

When the paint becomes compromised, there is a greater likelihood that damage can occur to the building's exterior.

Tips for maintaining the building's paint job

One of the best ways to improve the longevity of a paint job is regular cleaning of the exterior of the building. Dirt, debris, and plant matter can accumulate, damaging the paint. Over time, this then causes damage to the exterior. But regular cleaning prevents this damage and allows you to go longer between repainting.

Touching up the paint regularly is also helpful. Certain parts of the building will experience more wear than others, and keeping up with these is essential. Trim, doors, or exterior walls that get more sun or take the brunt of wind and rain need touch-ups more often. 

Finally, addressing water leaks is another crucial aspect of paint maintenance. Water damage destroys paint jobs and ultimately damages building exteriors. Scheduled maintenance and inspections not only identify issues with paint that need addressing but also help catch other problems around the exterior of the building. Making paint care part of your regularly scheduled maintenance increases the longevity of your building.

Hiring professional painters

Hiring professional painters for your exterior building is a decision that will extend the lifespan of your building. Professional painters understand how important paint is to your building and understand that you need the right paint for the job. This isn't a job for a general contractor or handyperson. It's important to hire professionals who understand exterior building painting. 

Vet prospective painters to ensure they are right for the job. Check references diligently; three or more references are ideal. Also, make sure they are licensed and bonded before hiring them, and make sure you understand the contract so there are no surprises later.

The importance of exterior paint cannot be overstated. A building with faded, chipping, or peeling paint looks dingy, affecting curb appeal and giving a poor impression. If you are looking for a way to give your building an overall lift, a coat of paint can do that.

Keeping the paint maintained is crucial not just for appearances but for the integrity of the building. Paint must be maintained to protect the building from the elements and structural damage. For more information on paint and other building maintenance needs, contact First Response Maintenance Solutions today. We provide comprehensive building maintenance services for a wide variety of needs.

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