Strategies for strata managers needing building upgrades & maintenance

Take care of minor concerns before they worsen

The most effective strategy to prevent extensive damage is to nip a minor issue in the bud before it grows into something major. Some small concerns that can become high-stress situations are:

  • Plumbing: Piping on common property or inside of a wall shared by tenants is a strata manager’s responsibility. If a tenant notices any seepage in their wall or a drain is partially blocked, fix the offender as soon as possible. A blocked drain can turn into a burst pipe and localised damp can quickly expand and cause structural damage.
  • Gutters: It’s easy for gutters to block, what with prevailing winds driving leaves any which way and inclement weather causing debris to bunch at areas of exit. Not attending to these problems in a timely manner can result in water being channelled into areas that are more susceptible to large-scale damage, such as foundations.
Maintain up-to-date security measures

From working security gates and intercoms to knowing exactly how many keys and remotes have been supplied to tenants, maintaining security measures is a vital part of being a strata manager. Oversights such as broken security gates or faulty locks are an invitation to criminals and can result in expensive liability if these security concerns were previously flagged and nothing was done about them. To remain up-to-date, a good strategy is to enlist the ongoing help of a specialist building and maintenance company.

Take note of cracks and erosion

Soil erosion is a hazard that should be of primary concern to a strata manager. If left unchecked, it can go on to cause large-scale damage to the building, such as cracks in the wall and subsidence. If rampant sinking or shifting is allowed to happen, the consequences range from costly to catastrophic. By keeping a close eye on any cracks or areas of erosion, a strata manager will be able to quickly deploy a specialist maintenance builder to fix the problems before they worsen. 

The roofing responsibility

Eventually, strata and body corporate building maintenance will require the roof to be repaired. Roofing is an area of particular difficulty as wear-and-tear is not easily noticeable unless specialists are deployed on an ongoing basis. If any of these issues are allowed to worsen, they can cause internal damage to electrical fixtures and internal structures. This can result in a poor living experience for the tenant and a potential loss of rental income for the owner.

If a strata manager doesn’t have a contract with a trusted, experienced maintenance company, those broken tiles or leaking areas on the roof can cause far-reaching problems for the building complex.

First to respond. Lasting quality guaranteed

To provide the best living experience for tenants, a strata manager needs to find the right property maintenance partner. By forging a lasting relationship with a team of specialists who are on-hand for the small tasks and ready to take on the big ones, they safeguard themselves against significant, costly damage to the property.

As one of the leading building painting and maintenance specialists in Queensland and New South Wales, First Response Maintenance Solutions is your best bet for effective strata building maintenance. We offer:

  • A long-term, all-in-one painting and maintenance solution
  • Premium quality and long-term value delivered on time and within budget
  • A trusted, reliable and fully licensed team of experts
  • Quick solutions. Long-term quality
  • A demonstrated history of servicing strata buildings and forging lasting relationships with our clients

To discover the difference experience and passion can make, contact us today and schedule a site assessment.

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